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Reverend Catherine Black-Ward
307-460-3136    info@diamondwweddings.com

Rev. Catherine Black-Ward               Laramie, Wyoming
307-460-3136                       info@diamondwweddings.com

About and FAQ


How do I contact you to see if my date is available?

Contact me from the tab above or click here. You may also call and leave a message at 307-460-3136 or email directly to info@diamondwweddings.com

How long have you been writing and performing wedding celebrations?

Since 2004. I knew when I received my first assignment that I would continue to learn and grow to serve my clients with the compassion and care they deserve.

What Officiant services do you provide?

I make sure your marriage ceremony says exactly what you want it to say--to each other, to your families, and to your guests. Your ceremony is what joins you together as husband and wife, and is the reason for the party afterward. I write the words of love you share. After the ceremony, your chosen witnesses and I will sign the marriage license. I submit the license to the appropriate County Clerk for filing. I will direct your rehearsal if you wish, and make sure all parties involved are comfortable in their roles. During the time leading up to your marriage, I am available for unlimited email and phone consultations and am happy to meet with you if you like.

What religious affiliations do you serve?

I am fluent in ceremonies of Christian denominations, and am always learning about other religious beliefs and traditions. I am most often called to serve those couples who are not "church specific", but would like to have a somewhat spiritual ceremony. I also create ceremonies for those who wish for no religious references, yet want a deeply meaningful celebration. As a non-denominational wedding officiant, I respect the beliefs of my clients and wish to reflect YOUR values as a couple.

How far in advance of our wedding date should we contact you?

Contact me soon after you become engaged! Some dates are booked a year in advance. I generally do not book more than 18 months in advance. And if your wedding is day-after-tomorrow, contact me anyway!

Will you travel to our location outside the Laramie area?

Yes, depending upon the distance and time of year. I don't rule any location out. Tell me about your plans. Of course I would love to conduct your wedding ceremony in a tropical paradise destination!

What is your attire for the ceremony?

I will wear what makes you most comfortable. I will usually wear a dark skirt suit with light blouse, but can accommodate your request for themed wear (Western, Hawaiian, Renaissance) as well.

Are you flexible in the wording used throughout the ceremony?

Each ceremony is custom written to reflect each couples' individual relationship. You will receive upon booking your date, my ebook, Celebration Guide for Engaged Couples for inspiration. I will work with you to get your ceremony "just right". You will review and approve your personalized ceremony before your wedding day.

Do you allow the couple to write their own vows, if desired?

You may write your own vows or find inspiration from samples in my book. These are the vows you are making to each other. They should be real and heartfelt, but you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Do you have a list of readings preselected, from which the couple must choose?

I have a huge selection of readings you may choose from, but you are not limited to those selections. Do you have a favorite poem or literary passage? Let's see if we can work it in.

How long are your ceremonies?

Most run about 20-30 minutes. Factors to consider are readings, music, and ceremonies such as sand or unity candle, handfasting, or other meaningful elements. These will affect the length of your ceremony.

If you have any other questions, please contact me and I will be happy to respond, usually within 24 hours.

Your Wyoming Wedding Minister

Rev. Catherine Black-Ward

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Creating and officiating the most memorable and meaningful weddings has given me such joy. I want to share that joy with you!

Living in Laramie, Wyoming with my family has been a great adventure. Beautiful venues for wedding celebrations abound.

Some of my favorites:
If you are thinking of getting married in the Laramie area, please call 307-460-3136 and leave a message or email me for available year-round dates. Outside the Laramie area, I generally limit my car-travel to the months of April through September, serving Wyoming and Northern Colorado. Destination weddings are welcome!

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